The legacy of Core Academy started in 1991 when Dave Enger founded BBI Financial and quickly became the premier training program for Relationship Bankers.

Kyle Enger joined BBI Financial as Managing Director in 2000 and rebranded the company in 2016 as CORE Academy to reflect the multi-dimentional offerings of the firm.

Chris Carlson joined Core Academy as a Managing Director in 2018 and worked with Kyle to create CORE 360, the comprehensive program for today's Relationship Banker.




Kyle Enger

Kyle has spent his entire career helping business owners and bankers. As a subject matter expert on small business, he is one of the nation's premier speakers, teaching and training both business owners and bankers.

Kyle is is a top faculty member at three of the leading graduate banking schools in the country, lecturing on business acumen, credit and the art of Relationship Banking.

Kyle can be reached at [email protected]


Chris Carlson

Before becoming a sales and marketing consultant, Chris Carlson spent 20 years in the insurance industry as a Salesperson, Sales Manager and National Sales Director. Since 2003, Chris has worked with clients from large corporations to small business owners, helping them to grow sales, increase profits and create systems that will continually attract ideal clients.

Chris is a highly sought after speaker and has served as a faculty member of Pacific Coast Banking School and Graduate School of Banking at Colorado.

Chris can be reached at [email protected]




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