Go Beyond The Transaction

Business owners want to know and trust their banker. Companies need fresh ideas from bankers that come from a deep understanding of the client, business trends and C&I lending.

CORE ACADEMY empowers bankers to go beyond the transaction by developing the core skills required for true relationship banking.

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Sales Mastery For The Relationship Banker

Are you frustrated with the lack of sales results your bankers are experiencing?

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Loan Officer Financial Management

Do your bankers need to develop their business and financial acumen skills?

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Workshops For Prospects And Customers

Are you looking for ways to add value to your prospects and customers?

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Prospecting Through Positioning For The Relationship Banker


#1 Best Selling Book that will give you ideas to continually fill your pipeline with highly-qualified, highly-motivated prospects while establishing yourself as the recognized authority in your market niche.

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The Hearbeat Of Banking Podcast

The Heartbeat of Banking Podcast was created to share the best ideas, strategies and concepts being implemented in the banking industry.

While the banking industry has certainly changed from years gone by, the biggest changes are yet to come. We hear a lot about disruption and few would argue that the banking industry is being targeted for disruption from all angles.

In this podcast, we will not only tackle current issues, but we will also discuss the impact that factors like technology, Artificial Intellegence, Blockchain, Crypto Currency and changing consumer habits, to name a few, will have on the banking industry.

In each episode of this Podcast, we will be interviewing the thought leaders from both inside and outside of the banking industry to give our listeners ideas, strategies and concepts that they can use today and into the future.

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