Workshops For Prospects And Customers




Financial Management For The Closely Held Business:  Businesses face tough challenges and unique opportunities.  The financial success or failure of a business lies in it owner’s ability to manage through the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities.  This two-day workshop explains in simple, clear language what financial management is and it can greatly increase a business owner’s profitability.  Topics include:

  • Building Transferrable Value
  • Business Owner Transition
  • Business Life Cycle
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Working Capital Cycle
  • Valuation
  • Cash Flow
  • Creating Cash Budgets
  • Structuring Debt
  • Sources and Uses of Cash
  • Sustainable Growth Rates
  • Asset Financing
  • Increasing Transferable Value
  • Preparing For Transition



Sales Leadership For The Entrepreneur:  Today’s Entrepreneurial Business Owner deals with more pressure than ever before with things like Human Resource issues, budgets, invoicing, accounts receivable, dealing with vendors, cyber security, social media, IT, compliance and marketing.  At the same time the Business Owners is almost always functioning as the Sale Manager, Sales Leader or VP of Sales.  The ability to juggle all of these duties often leads to less than effective sales results.   This workshop allows the Business Owner to create a Sales Leadership Playbook to help create a best-in-class sales team.  Topics include:

  • Recruiting Top Salespeople
  • On-Boarding New Salespeople
  • Creating an Activity Formula For Success
  • Creating a Sales Process
  • Pipeline Management
  • Developing Qualifying Skills
  • Understanding The Why of Salespeople
  • Motivating The Sales Team
  • Conducting Effective Sales Meetings
  • 1v1 Coaching
  • Observational Coaching
  • Coaching Business Development Skills



Magnetic Marketing:   Every entrepreneur and business owner is looking for ways to attract a flood of new clients that PayStay and Refer.  The Magnetic Marketing System provides a step-by-step process for people that don't know a lot about marketing to follow and get immediate, profitable results.  Magnetic Marketing will help your customers attract their ideal client, convert them to a sale faster and retain them so they can maximize lifetime customer value.

 Conventional marketing is PUSH based.  Business owners PUSH themselves upon prospects.  Prospects then see the company as just another company desperate to make a sale, and as "unwanted pest."  Magnetic Marketing, as the name implies, is PULL based.  Prospects are attracted to the business, beg to work with them and cheerfully pay full price.  These business owners are a "welcomed guest."

 Magnetic Marketing is THE Unfair Business Advantage   

  • Magnetic Marketers are seen as welcome guests, magnetically attracting prospects who cheerfully pay premium prices
  • Magnetic Marketers dramatically differentiate their business or practice to stand alone in the marketplace and to go from commodity to exclusive
  • Magnetic Marketers use their system to work for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Turning on the "faucet" with they need more clients and turning it off when they do not



Contact Chris Carlson at [email protected] for more information on workshops for your prospects and customers.


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