Sales Mastery For The Relationship Banker



Is the new world of selling frustrating your bankers?  Are they tired of

  • Working harder with less results from their prospecting efforts
  • Having a Pipe Dream vs. a robust Pipeline
  • Intial meetings with prospects that are a waste of time
  • Prospects that just want their rates or intellectual capital
  • Giving presentations or providing solutions only to watch their prospect go "silent"
  • Not getting enough referrals
  • Poor client rentention
  • Ineffective marketing programs

To deal with this new world of selling, your Relationship Bankers must have both a business development (prospecting) process and a sales process that allows them to schedule appointments and then control the customer engagement.  Properly crafted and executed, these will position the Relationship Banker as the expert in their market niche and will have prospects asking if they can become a customer.

We created Sales Mastery For The Relationship Banker as a comprehensive program for those organizations committed to sales excellence.  Here are just some of the topics covered in The Program:

  • Business Development (Marketing and Prospecting)
  • Creating An Effective Sales Process
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Mastering The First Meeting With a Prospect
  • Developing The Reasons Prospects Will Take Action
  • Referral Action Plan
  • Developing Centers of Influence
  • Activities For Success
  • Qualifying Opportunities
  • Pipeline Management
  • Strategies for Retention and Stewardship
  • Developing an Annual Marketing Calendar


We deliver Sales Mastery For The Relationship Banker in a few ways, a 2-Day Boot Camp, a Group Coaching Program or working with you one-on-one.  Contact Chris Carlson at [email protected] for more information on how your bank might benefit from this program.


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