SALES 360 consists of two critical components; Sales Process and Sales Leadership.


Sales Process.  Selling has changed dramatically over the years for the Relationship Banker.  In the past, the banker had all the knowledge regarding product, service, competition and pricing. A prospect had to meet and engage with the banker to find out about a potential solution.

Today, the internet has flipped the advantage to the prospect.  In many cases, the prospect may have as much information as the banker.  To deal with this incredible change, your bankers must have a process that allows them to control the engagement.  Equipped with a comprehensive Sales Process (which includes successful Business Development), your banker will be positioned as the expert and the authority and will have prospects asking if they can become a customer of the bank.


Sales Leadership.  The key to success for any organization is Leadership. When it comes to driving sales growth, the actions (or non-actions) of your Sales Leaders will determine your level of success.

Sales Leaders must not only effectively review activity and sales results, but also have the necessary coaching skill sets to lead their teams to success.


SALES 360 provides your Bankers and your Sales Leaders with all of the necessary systems, tools and techniques to create a world-class, customer focused sales culture.

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